Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy + Bryce Dressner, “One With the Birds”

I originally wrote this on Friday, August 9, but I wanted some time to pass before I published it. It rambles a bit, but I promise, this is music related.

Following David Berman’s death and some personal events, I have been reflective about loss, grief, and death.

This time of reflection coincides with a time I am actively journaling (for the first time in years) with meditations from philosophers and practitioners of Stoicism serving as my guide. Maybe older white men are not contemporary society’s version of wisdom or a friend at this time, but I have found a great amount of general wisdom from the Stoics. The best answer to our problems is often the most simple. The tricky part of Stoicism for many (myself included) is accepting our past and exerting some control on our lizard brain.

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RIP David Berman

The earth has not completed a full rotation since the news that David Berman left this mortal coil reached the general population.

Yesterday evening, I found out the news via my friend Stu. For roughly 30 seconds, I thought it was a cruel joke but genius PR ploy by Drag City on the heels of the Purple Mountains tour.  David’s date of death had not been added to his Wikipedia page, which gave me hope despite the Google news panel confirming over and over again– like a grotesque carousel– that he was, and is, dead at 52.

Sam and I were in a bit of a spat at the time, and I could not tell him this news in the middle of a fight. I waited for him to get home to break the news.

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Her Name is Rio: The Women of Patrick Nagel

1982. I wasn’t even a thought, much less alive. Reagan was in office. EPCOT opened. E.T. was released. TIME Magazine’s Man of the Year was the Computer. Duran Duran released their 2x RIAA Platinum album Rio.

While Duran Duran is famous for both their music and their cheeky, sexy videos, the new wave/pop art cover girl of Rio enjoys a smaller but interesting sort of fame.

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