Dayuuum, Boy: Marlon Williams

So, I don’t remember the exact path that led me to stumble upon Marlon Williams. I think Spotify recommended him as a “Fans Also Like” algorithm suggestion.

He is already pretty big (huge?) in his native New Zealand, and I’m assuming Australia, but maybe William will confirm if he happens to stumble upon this entry! Additionally it appears Marlon was briefly in A Star is Born (the remake with Lady Gaga that I still haven’t seen) and his song “Dark Child” was featured in the documentary Wild Wild Country.

He’s been on “Conan” in the U.S. too.

So where have I been? Well, I don’t watch a lot of tv, and I don’t watch a lot of movies when they first come out probably because I am a bit of a grandma in terms of pop culture. In a bubble I am.

But when I heard Marlon Williams, I was like “Damn, this Marlon boy kinda sounds like if Nick Cave had a baby with Orville Peck and it was also very talented and kinda dark but great at storytelling,” and if you have been reading my stuff or do read into my archives, you will know that combination of artists would be capable of grasping my beating heart and crushing it, and I would still manage to die with a smile on my face.

But then I looked this Marlon boy up, and I was like “Damn, this boy is also very handsome, funny, and goofy.”

So yeah, Marlon will 100% be a regular staple to my listening habits. Congrats on leaving me speechless even though you dance kinda funny. I am rurnt.

5 thoughts on “Dayuuum, Boy: Marlon Williams”

  1. Oh yeah, he’s wicked and cheers for the shout-out too! He’s New Zealander or a Kiwi but he lives in Melbourne as far as i know but that could be wrong? He might have gone home because NZ is much safer than Mel, Victoria ATM. Did you know he also guest on Courtney Barnett’s MTV Unplugged album too doing a very cool cover by Sarah Blasko, Holly Throsby & Sally Seltmann or that’s the band called Seeker Lover Keeper, here’s a easy link for you:
    Maybe, i should leave you more reply’s because you’re always posting cool stuff? Anyway Stay safe and everything! 🙂

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      1. Oh yeah, Mr Marlon Williams is huge here which what you was asking me in the 1st place!
        Also should have explained better the Marlon & Courtney cover of the song Not Only I is from the band Seeker Lover Keeper’s 2nd album called Wild Seeds, they’re kind-of an Aussie super-group because all three are solo singer-songwriters, i think Sarah Blasko & Holly Throsby are couple of my fave Aussie artists but Sally Seltmann is very cool too! You most likely now know all this because i haven’t been online for a few days, very cool you are check them out tooo!
        Cheers Keelin for letting me you are still having a look at want I’m posting because you never know who’s looking? 🙂


      2. Seems we’re on to Seeds, right now i can think of yet another great band simply called “The Seeds” from the mid-60’s of California playing psychedelic garage rock which their 1966 self-titled debut album is so wicked, might have to put it on now! Do you know that one?
        Cheers and have a great day Keelin 🙂


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