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Celebrating Absence: A Smattering of Nick Cave + Warren Ellis + The Bad Seeds

As the months go on, I mentally tick off the shows I was supposed to see. I marked them off my calendar long ago, but you know, the little scratched out writing is still there. In the scheme of things, it is a small loss, but occasionally, I indulge in a light depression about it.

This evening, I was supposed to see Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds perform live for the second time. The first time was in Chicago at the Auditorium Theatre in Chicago. This time, I had a bit more special trip planned. I was going to see him in Detroit, one of my other favorite U.S. cities, at the Masonic Temple Theatre. My brother recommended the room as it is smaller, and he mentioned it would be one of the more intimate ways to catch a show. My brother was also planning to see Nick Cave on a special trip. Double bummer for us.

Instead of a pity party, I’ve been trying to go through some live performances (minus the recording of “All the Beautiful Things”, which I threw because it’s beautiful), and even though I am not there, it’s not live, the band still sounds, looks, and feels damn good.

I was wrong.

In a post not too long ago at all, I declared 2020 as “The Year of Live Music”.

As time presses on, I am more and more wrong.

Here’s the updated roster:

  1. Budos Band- This has been tentatively moved to September. I wasn’t originally going to be able to go to this because of my trip to Japan. Well, unfortunately my trip to Japan also got cancelled. The silver lining is that this show got moved to a time when I can now see it (hopefully). Fingers crossed that things will improve by that time.
  2. Hinterland Festival- I recently got an email saying Hinterland is still on, but I am most worried about this show. I mainly feel that I have mentally aged out of most festivals at this point. However, I was looking for to camping and the general vibe of this fest. Fingers crossed, but I’m feelin’ like it’s gonna be a no.
  3. Faith No More and Rammstein- TBD. I just don’t know what the world will be like in September.
  4. Nick Cave- TBD.

My pity party aside, please do not misunderstand: I think it is much more important for everyone to stay inside for as long as it takes, the government to do more, and have an organized plan for this time and reentry.

While my planned adventures have waned, I have been continuing my adventures in a mundane fashion within a 4 mile radius:

I went running and saw this cool mural.

IMG_20200413_181541729 (1)

I went running in the rain, and it looked like I peed my pants.


I went running and wore these great socks.


Honestly, that’s about it. The little escapes and things continue to be everything as I am not great at being positive at the moment, and as I believe negativity is toxic, I am trying to improve on this and some habits. Ever a work in progress.

Here is a one of my favorite songs for times I’m processing but time still passes. Also it’s just a damn good song.

“Seasons (Waiting On You)” by Future Islands

I will be retuning more soon with Vinyl Days and other musings. I’ve been in the weeds with work, school, some freelance stuff, as well as caring for my mental health (a constant!).

Incomplete: SAD

On November 8, 2018, four days after daylight saving time ended here in most of the United States, I began a Spotify playlist called SAD. The purpose of the playlist was to open up a discussion about music and seasonal affective disorder (S.A.D.). I got three songs on the list before I dropped out.

Ironically but predictably, my playlist, my blog, and myself fell victim to S.A.D., and my last post was almost 8 months ago. I am here to pick up where we left off.

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